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Young's Auctions valuers can provide confidential insurance valuations on any item that would be claimed for in the case of damage or loss.

Our valuers have the appropriate experience and qualifications to value a wide range of your valuable possessions.

Antiques, jewellery, watches and art works can be listed as individual items, it also possible to have an insurance valuation that details the house contents.

If you are in possession of a written insurance valuation from a reputable company when you suffer a loss, your claim is likely to be much more straightforward.

Some insurance companies require valuations for all items over the value of £1000 for others it is lower.

This form of valuation differs greatly from auction appraisal or probate valuation.

There are two appropriate levels for the cover of valuables. The first is insurance at high auction value, the second is insurance at replacement value, this can be discussed with our valuer.

Written valuations of jewellery include details such as the gemstones, carat weight, type and purity of the metal; works of art will include the artist, or maker, the medium and size; furniture will include its period, material used, style/name, makers name (where known) etc. This information is contained in a Valuation document, images of items can be included on request.

- How much does a Young's Auctions insurance valuation cost?

Our rates for insurance valuation are as follows:

Valuation for items bought into our Farnham Saleroom attract a minimum charge of £60 plus VAT to include two items up to a maximum combined value of £2000. Further items valued at a rate of £150 plus VAT pro rata.

Valuations in your home or office attract a minimum charge of £150 plus VAT, to include the first two items with a maximum combined value of £2000. Other items at the same property valued at a rate of £150 plus VAT per hour, pro rata.

Frequently asked questions on insurance valuations of Jewellery and watches.

- What items are worth valuing for insurance?

Any item that you would make an insurance claim for in the event of loss.

- What does insurance value mean?

Insurance valuations are based on replacement values: what a broadly similar item would cost if you were to suffer a loss, or high auction values that is the top end of what would be an auctioneer’s estimate for the item.

- How long is the jewellery valuation document valid for?

The documents do not cease to be valid but some insurance companies will only accept valuations carried out in the last three years.

- Do I need to bring previous valuation documents?

This is not essential but can be helpful, having previous documents and knowing the basis of previous valuations can mean less time is taken to value your items but we need to see your items and form our own professional opinion as to value.